A NEW UNIVERSE OF FLIPHOLE The TENGA FLIP HOLE in black, which is a state-of-the-art reusable masturbation device for men. It looks and feels like no other male sex toy ever make. 3 bottons create separate, individually controlled actions. The TENGA Fliphole in Black has all new internal designs, including Waving Ball, Cross Wall, Brushing Edge and Moving Ball, in a sleek black finish, for a totally different feel, TENGA is in the forefront of the masturbation evolution.

An Extraordinary Elastomer Easy to clean and maintain. Flip it open, rise and dry easy! The Flip Hole stands 17.8cm tall and with it's non-
realistic opening it really doesn't look like a sex toy! its's flexible casing with buttons allows a total control of the stimuli.

The unique FLIP mode The case open to reveal the amazing silicone sleeve filled with nubs, nodules, bumps and ridges designed to greate a genuinely better-than-real experience.