Fun Factory

Fun Factory GmbH, Bremen, an erotic toy producer had its first beginnings in 1995 and was officially founded in 1996. Company founders Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl discovered after a chat with their friend, who was selling erotic toys, that the market offered no sophisticated and high-quality erotic toys which really spoke to women.
This "ah-hah!" moment released a frenzy of creativity - the goal being to fill this gap in the market with the development and production of innovative, attractive products uniting aesthetics, quality and top-notch functionality. Products that are fun - that you can stand by - in other words that can be brought out into the open.

In the beginning, the model for the first FUN FACTORY dildo, the Penguin was made at home at the kitchen table with some children's clay. All our dildos, which were first developed as one of a kind models, have found an increasingly satisfied fan base,
Meanwhile, our two man, one kitchen table start-up has grown into a little empire with dozens of dedicated employees and countless happy customers throughout the world. In 2003 Fun Factory found its first subsidiary company in USA.

The users of Fun Factory products are ones of the most loyal customers


Through Lelo we intend to combine fashion, technology and luxurious design. We want the products to be effective as well as tempting and seductive. Inspired by a positive approach towards human sexuality we strain to materialize pleasure.

LELO is a Swedish designer brand that prides itself in offering only the most stylish and luxurious intimate lifestyle accessories. The aim of Lelo designers is to create products that would combine elegance, luxurious appearance and functionality and that would break taboos from above. They want to arouse passion in both partners and make them enjoy pleasure of making love. Lelo offers products of the top quality as an alternative to present erotic toys


This British producer focuses on hi-tech and top-desihn erotic toys. Its first vibrator for women SaSi, which is rather a massager, is the first toy simulating oral sex. In July 2009 this toy was awarded a prize for revolutionary and innovative concepts at the largest world fair of erotic products in Los Angeles.


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